Understanding life.

Clearly we all have a purpose rather you have discovered your calling we are all here for a specific reason. While going through my transition in life I found myself losing people close to me and it affected me in every way. I had people talking down on me I went through a stage I was so discouraged I dropped my pen gave up writing for a minute I nearly let someone stuck all the energy inside of me I was weak felt like I was battling demons but later I realized it was all a TEST.

I had to realize everyone will not be happy for you because of how God blesses you not only that but smiling is contagious to the miserable & people will do everything they can to knock you down when they see you’re happy. When I battled what I was going through the people around me motivated me I wasn’t judged they understood the changes of life & how things impacts our lives.

At this point in my life I’m so grateful to be surrounded by the ones who encourage me even when I slip I’m back realigned and that’s what life is about having someone there you can rely on not being around jealousy but of love . Moral of the story no matter how hard life gets you can’t get through it alone, make sure the people you surround yourself with are people of encouragement & people of understanding.

2 thoughts on “Understanding life.

  1. Omg! This blog really moved me.. I’m a nerd at heart that loves to read things that are meaningful. I’m interested in reading more… Not only Are you beautiful on the outside you are on the inside as well. Seems like you have ah lot to say and I’m here for it!! Keep pushing and never give up on your purpose

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