We all want things when we want them but few are willing to wait. What are the odds of receiving things when we planned versus receiving when God planned? Quite frankly that’s how it goes. Maybe it’s financially you’re overwhelmed praying for a breakthrough or maybe it’s life in general whereas your bad days outweigh the good. Sometimes God takes us through hardship to get us prepared for his greatness. Don’t question why you’re going through life ups and downs instead stand firm and fight your way through.

Don’t move, don’t worry, don’t overthink! God is in control.

2 thoughts on “Patience.

  1. True.. I dont know why I’m going through things I’m going through right now. I pray and ask for strength and understanding in whatever it is that is meant for me to learn on this journey. I dont question Him at all. I just except my journey knowing that the race isn’t given to the swift nor the strong but the one that can endure to the end.

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