Passion to Purpose: The Proverbs Woman

As I read Proverbs 31 my overall summary was on this woman who was a provider, she was strong and unafraid. This woman carried her own. She’s a hard worker who takes care of her household. She’s trustworthy and valuable. This was a woman walking in purpose and filled with wisdom.

This is a woman of gratitude, no where laziness transpired. She didn’t procrastinate nor stop this was a fearfully made woman. So ask yourself what are the similarities? How does this woman differ from who I am? Am I the procrastinator or the go-getter I know I’m capable of being? My advice to you is don’t hold yourself back any longer from accomplishing what’s meant for you in life. Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself. Let God reveal your true identity & live in that moment. You have potential to be who you want to be it starts with self. You are powerful and created for purpose.

She’s able to carry her own!

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